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Science Panel for the Congo Basin launches at COP28

The Science Panel for the Congo Basin (SPCB) was launched at COP28 on 3 December 2023, at the COMIFAC Pavillion.

The SPCB is the first-of-its kind independent scientific panel dedicated to synthesizing existing knowledge of the state of, and threats to, the Congo Basin and its ecosystems. Led by and comprised of leading scientists from the region, the SPCB will generate a high-quality independent assessment report that will be presented at COP30 for policy makers to inform and accelerate local and regional solutions for conservation and to advance sustainable development, while also highlighting tipping points, critical areas, and gaps requiring further scientific research.

We are grateful to all of you who have actively participated thus far as well as to those who have expressed interest in contributing to move the Panel forward. We are especially thankful for the continued support of CBSI.

For more information, please visit our website.

Header image (left to right) shows inaugural co-chairs of SPCB, Bonaventure Sonké (Professor, University of Yaoundé, Cameroon), Raphael M Tshimanga (Professor, University of Kinshasa, DRC) and Lydie-Stella Koutika (Researcher, Centre de Recherche sur la Durabilité et la Productivité des Plantations Industriales, Republic of Congo) with panellists at SPCB launch. Credit: SPCB