Congo Basin Science Initiative

Research and capacity building to confront the climate and biodiversity crises and promote sustainable development.

The Congo Basin Science Initiative is a large network of scientists, led by those from the region, seeking to increase investment to train a new generation of scientists and transform our understanding of the world’s second largest rainforest.

Photo credit: Fiston Wasanga HQ/CongoFlux

Exploring the world’s second largest rainforest.

Collecting new data to understand its climate, ecology and economy.

Photo credit: Simon Lewis.

Photo credit: CRREBaC/CRuHM.

Training a new generation of expert scientists.

Enabling communities to develop without destruction.

Photo credit: Molly Bergen/WCS, WWF, WRI.

Photo credit: Kevin McElvaney/Greenpeace

Together we can make a difference, building a better future for all.


If you are a scientist, conservation practitioner, potential funder, policy advisor, or anyone else who believes it is time to end under-investment in Congo Basin science and transform our understanding of this crucial region of our planet, join our community today.

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